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Survival USB

Official Survival USB Drive

Official Survival USB Drive

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Get the official Keychain Survival Library, with 906 life-saving survival guides and manuals (Over 1.8 GB of information).

This high-quality USB drive comes packaged in a durable black box, and ships to you FREE.

Get 906 Survival Guides on Your Keychain.

This complete library makes the perfect gift for the prepper, homesteader, or self-sufficiency enthusiast in your life.


This collection of 906 survival guides includes time-tested manuals and books from the entire spectrum of emergency preparedness and self sufficiency, including:

  • Military & Tactical (68 downloads)
  • Wilderness Survival (67 downloads)
  • Food Storage & Preparation (298 downloads)
  • Homesteading (105 downloads)
  • Health & Emergency Medicine (88 downloads)
  • Security (29 downloads)
  • Bushcraft (20)
  • Comms & Electrical (28)
  • General Survival (57 downloads)
  • Alternative Energy (40 downloads)
  • Water (50 downloads)
  • Construction (26 downloads)
  • Knot Tying (13 downloads)
  • Urban Survival (17 downloads)

Thoughtfully Organized

All files have been scanned for duplicates, and topically organized into folders and sub-folders (see image above). 

Every effort has been made to help you quickly access the information that you need, exactly when you need it.

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